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Wildfire Hazard Assessment

Burning limbs removed during thinning, known as slash,
 to reduce wildfire hazard

Wildfire hazard assessment is an important consideration for landowners in Colorado and the western United States.  Our ecologists are experienced in identifying and mapping wildfire hazards and preparing mitigation plans to reduce wildfire risks to existing and proposed structures.

Fuel Potential Map

                        To complete a wildfire hazard assessment, we:

                            - Identify and map major vegetation communities

                            - Determine fuel potential of vegetation


                            - Prepare fuel potential maps based on vegetation and topography

                            - Develop Vegetation Management Plans to mitigate wildfire hazards

                            - Identify zones of defensible space for structures


                            - Evaluate wildfire hazards of proposed developments based on  fuel,
                              topography, water availability, access routes, building  construction,
                              landscaping, etc.


                            - Prepare wildfire hazard maps for proposed developments considering
                              fuel potential and mitigation measures


                            - Work with local officials to comply with development standards and 
                              required mitigation measures necessary for subdivision and PUD approvals

Wildfire hazard map

The risk of damaging wildfires is increasing in the western United States due to epidemics of tree-killing insects, drought, fire suppression, and increased development in forested areas.  Communities are recognizing the importance of wildfire hazard assessment and it is now required in some areas for approval of proposed developments.  In particular, Eagle County, Colorado has adopted a comprehensive set of wildfire regulations and we have completed numerous wildfire hazard studies for proposed developments in Eagle County.

A thinned lodgepole pine forest where excess fuel has
been removed and tree density has been reduced to
lower the risk of damaging wildfires

A sunset viewed through the smoky haze of the 2002 Hayman Fire,  which
burned more than 137,000 acres in Colorado and destroyed 600 structures.

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