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Buckbean in a Subalpine Fen Wetland

Western Ecological Resource plant ecologists have a comprehensive understanding of wetland functions and values and a working knowledge of the flora and ecology of the major wetland types in Colorado and the western United States.  Our expertise includes wetland delineation, permitting, mitigation design, creation, and monitoring.

                                   Our wetland services include: 
                                         - Delineations and vegetation descriptions 
                             - Identification and mapping of hydric soils and Histosols
                                         - Wetland hydrology analysis
                                         - Groundwater hydrology monitoring studies
                                         - Assessment of wetland functions and values
                                         - Preparation of Wetland Permit Applications
                                         - Coordination and negotiation with regulatory agencies
                                         - Wetland mitigation design
                                         - Wetland creation, maintenance and monitoring
                                         - Stream restoration 
                                         - Enhancement and creation of riparian habitats 
                                         - Preparation of Annual Monitoring Reports
                                         - Restoration of Clean Water Act violations 
                                         - Purchase of wetland credits from mitigation banks

  Wetland Delineations

Wetland Delineation Map

Our plant ecologists are experienced wetland delineators and we have completed numerous complex, large-scale studies.  We have a thorough understanding of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Wetland Delineation Manual and the regional supplements and guidelines.  We work with a Certified Professional Soil Scientist to delineate wetlands, map organic soils (Histosols), and identify fens.

  Groundwater Hydrology Studies 

Groundwater Hydrology Monitoring Well Map

We have considerable experience designing and conducting groundwater hydrology monitoring studies for irrigated ranchlands.  These studies are used to determine the extent of natural wetlands vs. wetland areas that are supported solely by irrigation water.  These studies benefit our clients by removing wetlands created by flood irrigation from Corps jurisdiction and regulation. 

  Wetland Permitting

Calculating wetland impacts for a permit

We are experienced with all phases of the wetland permit process for both Individual and Nationwide  Permits.  We have a detailed knowledge of wetland regulatory issues that stem from the Clean Water Act, understand Corps permitting requirements, and have developed productive relationships with personnel in many Corps Districts.

We specialize in the acquisition of Individual Wetland Permits for complex projects.  We understand the alternatives analysis process and are skilled at evaluating project impacts to wetlands, federally listed species, and other environmental resources.  We are also experienced at coordinating Wetland Permit Applications with regulatory agencies including the Corps, Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and state wildlife, health, and historical resource agencies, expediting the permit process.

  Wetland Design, Creation & Monitoring

Monitoring a subalpine wetland restoration

Our ecologists have more than 25 years of wetland creation, design, and monitoring experience.  We have completed more than 100 wetland creation and restoration projects in environments ranging from the plains to the subalpine.  These have included riparian wetlands along low elevation and mountain streams, meadow wetlands supported by groundwater, and emergent wetlands in pond complexes up to 20 acres in size.  We have quantitatively monitored the vegetation and hydrology of some wetland creations for up to seven years and reported the results of our studies to regulatory agencies and at scientific seminars.  Many of our wetland creations quickly achieve their success criteria and are accepted by the Corps after only the minimum required monitoring period, resulting in a cost savings to our clients. 

  Breckenridge Peak 8 Wetland Creation

The Breckenridge Peak 8 wetland mitigation was constructed on a ski run at 10,350 feet.




The wetlands were created
in a complex of three ponds totaling more than 7,600 square feet.  Planting was completed in  2002.

Despite the short growing season at this elevation, the wetland was densely vegetated by 2006.

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