– ecology and natural resource consulting since 1978  

Weed Management

Escaped ornamental plants such as ox-eye daisy
have become troublesome noxious weeds

                                    Our comprehensive weed management services include:

   - Identification and mapping of weed populations
                           - Development and implementation of Weed Management Plans
                           - Monitoring the success of various weed control procedures
                           - Recommendations for improving weed control procedures
                           - Coordination of projects with Licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicators

  Integrated Weed Management

Mapping weed populations for a Management Plan

Our plant ecologists are familiar with the ecology of weeds in Colorado and the western United States, and we have extensive experience with the preparation of Integrated Weed Management Plans that focus on a multi-faceted approach to weed control.  Integrated Weed Management utilizes a combination of techniques including mechanical control, chemical control, and biological control.  

We use GPS and GIS technologies to map the location, size, and extent of weed populations on aerial and topographic base maps.  We also monitor populations of noxious weeds and determine the effectiveness of various control procedures.  Careful monitoring allows us to provide detailed recommendations to improve the effectiveness of Weed Management Plans.

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