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Plant Ecology

Fairy slipper orchid, a Colorado native

Western Ecological Resource plant ecologists have 31 years experience conducting plant ecology studies throughout Colorado and the western United States.  Our work in deserts, plains, montane, subalpine, and alpine environments has allowed us to develop an in-depth understanding of the ecology and flora of this diverse region.

We provide the following plant ecology services:
               - Vegetation type mapping & description
               - Quantitative studies 
               - Long-term vegetation monitoring studies
               - Qualitative inventories and descriptions
               - Floristic inventories 

  For related services please see the following  links:
                - Wetland delineations
                - Rare plant surveys
                - Weed assessments and mapping

    Wildfire hazard assessment
    - Forest health evaluations     

  Vegetation Type Mapping

Vegetation type map for a proposed gondola

Western Ecological Resource has considerable experience identifying, mapping, and describing vegetation communities.   Our plant ecologists have mapped and described all of the major vegetation types in Colorado and across much of the western United States.  We utilize high-resolution aerial imagery and GIS technology as well as AutoCAD software to produce vegetation maps.  For example, we have mapped and described the vegetation types along hundreds of miles of transmission lines in Colorado and for numerous mine sites in excess of 10,000 acres in eastern Wyoming.

  Floristic Studies & Inventories

Meadow dominated by mule's ears

Our plant ecologists have an academic background and training in plant taxonomy, are familiar with the flora of Colorado and the western United States, have developed efficient field inventory procedures, and use herbarium resources of the region to validate collections.  We have produced floristic inventories and vegetation assessments for governmental agencies, mine projects, oil and gas developments, resorts, and numerous other industries.

  Quantitative Studies & Monitoring

Collecting quantitative vegetation cover data
in a sagebrush shrubland

We have an extensive background in preparing quantitative baseline vegetation inventories for energy and mineral mines throughout the western United States.  These baseline studies often include the quantitative assessment of cover, herbaceous biomass production, woody plant density, and the establishment of reclamation success standards. 

  Related Services

Wetland map on an aerial photograph base

Our plant ecologists are experts in wetland delineation and have completed hundreds of wetland studies.  We also have considerable experience conducting rare plant surveys and habitat assessments utilizing GIS technology to map plant populations.  We work closely with BLM personnel to complete rare plant surveys for proposed oil & gas projects.  For more information, please refer to the following related services links: wetlands, rare plant surveys, weed management, wildlife hazard analysis, and forest health.

 Silvery lupine & mule's ears

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