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Stream Restoration

DeBerard Draw wetland creation and stream restoration
Granby, Colorado

Western Ecological Resource has completed numerous stream restoration and enhancement projects in Colorado and the western United States.  We work with a nationally recognized stream hydrologist to restore streams and enhance fisheries.

                                       We provide the following services:         

                                              - Assessments of stream health and stability
                                              - Stream restoration design
                                              - Fisheries design and enhancement
                                              - Stream bank stabilization and erosion studies
                                              - Floodplain restoration
                                              - Stream hydrology analysis
                                              - Evaluation of watershed impacts on stream water quality
                                              - Permitting
                                              - Management and implementation of Stream Restoration Plans
                                              - Post-construction monitoring
                                              - Restoration of Clean Water Act violations to streams

Stream restoration is a complex process that requires an interdisciplinary approach.  Our plant ecologists and associates in hydrology and soil science are experienced in assessing stream and riparian habitat conditions and developing detailed plans to re-establish natural stream systems, native riparian vegetation, and wetlands.  For details on riparian and wetland creations, please refer to our Wetlands page.

We conduct comprehensive assessments of stream health and stability by surveying channel geometry, examining the channel bed substrate and the stream's ability to transport sediments, evaluating macroinvertebrate populations, assessing watershed condition and size, and analyzing stream hydrology.  Our restoration designs are focused on re-creating natural stream channel form and function that is appropriate for the watershed conditions, hydrology, and geomorphic setting.  We use a bioengineering approach focusing on natural methods for stabilization rather than traditional methods that use concrete armor or rock riprap.  We have recognized expertise in creating and restoring streams with healthy riparian plant communities that improve the water quality, wildlife habitat value, and aesthetics of natural areas, parks, and open spaces.

We have successfully enhanced the fisheries of many streams through the creation of pool and riffle sequences that oxygenate the water, installing appropriate stream bed materials to support macroinvertebrate populations, controlling water temperature through channel depth and riparian vegetation, and establishing healthy stream bank vegetation to provide cover.  These methods have successfully restored fish populations to degraded sections of streams and have created valuable amenities for many developments and recreational areas.


Grading a new stream channel to restore a Clean Water Act violation
Loveland, Colorado

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