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Soils & Geology

Soil Suvey Map illustrating soil types mapped
by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

                            We provide the following services in the fields of 
                            soil science and geology:

                               - Topsoil suitability analysis for reclamation

                               - Identification of hydric soils for wetland delineations

                               - Identification and mapping of organic soils (Histosols)

                               - Soil mapping from detailed Order 1 to general Order 4

                               - Fertilizer and soil amendment recommendations

                               - On-site assistance to earthmoving contractors during
                                 wetland creations and ecological restorations 

                               - Mapping of geomorphic features

Evaluating the geologic features near a proposed hotel

We work closely with a Certified Professional Soil Scientist and Professional Geologist with more than 24 years of experience.  He holds a masters degree in ecological engineering and bachelors degrees in geological engineering and wildlife biology, and is a former NRCS soil scientist.  He is an expert in hydric soil identification, and has assisted Western Ecological Resource with more than 150 wetland delineations since 1994.  He identified and mapped the boundary of organic soils (Histosols) for many of these delineations.

He also works with earthmoving contractors to create wetlands, riparian habitats, native prairies, and other ecological restorations.  He is skilled in topsoil suitability analysis, soil nutrient and chemical analysis, soil mapping, mine land reclamation, and the design of soil erosion monitoring programs.  In addition, he is a valuable resource for the design and implementation of groundwater hydrology monitoring programs.  In particular, he identifies relevant soil characteristics during installation of hydrology monitoring wells and assists with interpretation of hydrology data based on these characteristics. 

He also maps and describes geomorphic features such as landslides and slumps, glacial features, fluvial and eolian deposits, lacustrine sediments, and slope and erosional components and features.

Soil pits are used to determine if hydric soils are
present during a wetland delineation

Examining hydric soil characteristics in a wetland

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