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NEPA Compliance & Ecological Assessments

Subalpine wetland near Snowmass, Colorado

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires federal agencies to evaluate the environmental impacts of proposed projects and their practicable alternatives.  Western Ecological Resource has extensive experience with all phases of the NEPA process, including the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments and Biological Assessments.  We are experienced in the Endangered Species Act Section 7 Consultation process and have prepared Bioligcal Assessments for numerous species of federal concern, as well as Biological Evaluations for sensitive species.  In addition, we have completed numerous Environmental Impact Reports and assessments required by local governments for PUD approvals and development permits. 

                            Our NEPA compliance & Environmental Assessment services include:

                                                - Environmental Impact Statements

                                                - Environmental Assessments

                                                - Biological Assessments & Biological Evaluations

                                                - Endangered Species Act Section 7 Consultations

                                                - Documentation for Categorical Exclusions

                                                - Environmental Impact Reports for the Town of
                                                  Avon and Eagle County, Colorado

                                                - Sensitive Area Reports and Ecological
                                                  Assessments for local governing agencies

NEPA Compliance

The location of a proposed road is surveyed to determine the potential 
impacts to federally listed threatened and endangered species

Over the past 32 years, Western Ecological Resource has developed both regulatory and ecological expertise that allows us to produce well-written, concise Environmental Impact Statements that objectively evaluate the proposed action and its alternatives in a manner that is understood by the general public.  We have produced or contributed to eight Environmental Impact Statements (EIS's) for transmission lines, mineral mines, and transportation facilities.  We produced the entire EIS for the Western Area Power Administration's Flatiron-Erie Electric Transmission Line in Colorado, which required us to organize and manage an interdisciplinary team of professionals.  In addition, we authored the natural environment section of the EIS for three other transmission lines in Colorado.  We also produced the wildlife, vegetation, and reclamation sections of EIS's for two mines in Arizona, and prepared the vegetation, wildlife, and reclamation sections of the EIS for the C-470 Bowles Avenue Interchange in Jefferson County, Colorado.

We have extensive experience with Environmental Assessments (EA's), and have produced several large, complex EA's for land exchanges, mines, oil and gas exploration projects, and highways.  In particular, we produced the EA's for two major land exchanges in Colorado: the Emerald Mountain Land Exchange, one of the largest land trades ever completed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Colorado; and the State Land Board Land Exchange, a three-way trade between the BLM, State Land Board, and private parties.  For the oil and gas industry, we produced the ecology section of the EA's for EnCana Oil and Gas USA's Rulison Geographic Area Plan (GAP) and Orchard GAP Master Development Plan.

We are also experienced in the preparation of Biological Assessments (BA's), and have prepared BA's for most of the federally listed species in Colorado.  In addition, we have completed Biological Evaluations (BE's) for many of the species on the BLM and US Forest Service Sensitive Species Lists.  We prepared comprehensive BA/BE's for the Emerald Mountain and State Land Board Land Exchanges described above, and for the Salida Land Exchange in Chaffee County, Colorado.  In addition, we have prepared BA/BE's for three additional land exchanges, numerous mines, commercial and residential developments, ski and golf resorts, and transportation and utility projects.

Local Environmental Assessment Reports

Many local governments require an evaluation of environmental impacts as a part of their development review and permitting process.  We are experienced in preparing these assessment reports for a diversity of project types.  In particular, we have completed numerous Environmental Impact Reports for projects in Eagle and Broomfield Counties in Colorado and in the Town of Avon, Colorado.  These have included commercial/retail developments, recreational facilities, residential developments, and transportation projects.  We have also completed many Natural Areas Assessment Reports for proposed developments in Loveland, Colorado.  In addition, we have worked with numerous local governments to address impacts of proposed projects to threatened and endangered species, raptors, prairie dogs, rare plants, wetlands, and state sensitive species.

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